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Generate Traffic and Clients

WMM360 can Build a website that will provide a positive online shopping experience for your customers. The goal is to make your site compelling and simple to use to attract new users to it.  

Kitu Cosmetics


Sell Online

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eCommerce is an integral part of our global, modern economy. Over the past couple of decades, it’s transformed the way we shop, and the way we do business. In fact, merchants selling on the Wix eCommerce platform saw sales revenues grow 114% year-over-year in 2020, reaching $5.4 billion in online transactions. 



is a proud partner of WIX.

When WMM360 builds your eCommerce websites, "once hosted", your site will be accessible at any time of day. If your customer realizes they need something you sell at midnight on a Monday, they can still place that order. You can make sales any time of day, any day of the week, without having to be available yourself or pay staff to be there. (You will need to invest in HOSTING, which can also be provided by WIX).

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The most common way to facilitate online sales and transactions, is through a dedicated online store, or a WMM360 eCommerce platform powered by WIX.


WMM360 can build a website that will allow you to sell online with a professional online store. Launch, run and scale your online store with our industry-leading eCommerce website builder and advanced business features, powered by WIX.

Web & Mobile

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Once WMM360 has built your website and when you’re ready to start leveraging eCommerce to build your brand and we have created your own online store. WMM360 can help you explore the built-in eCommerce marketing tools, features and integrations that will help you reach customers, drive conversions and build a successful eCommerce business.

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